these times they are a-changin’

I thought I’d take a break from devotionals today to share a bit of a life update. I generally stay away from getting too personal on my blog, though I’ve realized this has more to do with my aversion to over-sharing on food/mom blogs than any real reason. I know God can work through our stories, so here’s the story of my filled-to-the-brim month of April. May it give you some peace as you begin another week.

Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons, mostly because I love change. I find myself pulled toward it with excitement, anticipation, and the firm conviction that better things are yet to come. And lucky me, life has a habit of changing on a consistent basis.

We announced a couple months ago that we were making a career change. My husband and I have been involved in college ministry since becoming Christians in our late teens, and now, almost a decade later, God is showing us a new passion. It took some time to admit it to ourselves, and then again to each other, but it was clear that a change was coming swiftly on the horizon.

As always, I focused my energies on anticipating The Great Change, which in this case meant selling everything we owned and moving across the country for grad school. As it turns out, we’re moving to an in-state school, just 3 hours away. We’ll likely move again in two years, once Taylor has his Master’s in history, and my appetite for change will again be satisfied.

It’s not that I won’t miss the people or places I leave. I just won’t realize it until I decorate the new apartment, find a new Thai restaurant, and relish in the newness of it all.

April was much too full to mourn, anyway. I signed up for 30 days straight of hot yoga (for the 2nd time, and no regrets!..except that I haven’t had time to cook a normal meal in a month, and I have a running list of things I should talk with my husband about if I ever get around to seeing him…but overall, a great experience). I also had my first stint on jury duty. I learned that justice is hard work, but at least they give you donuts.

​My most important discoveries this month, however, were:

1. The beauty of habits
Whether it was running off to yoga, sitting down to tea, or pressing “play” on Ezekiel (see below), my month was full of daily habits. I think we ought to pick these habits wisely, because when we do, life becomes more full — in a good way. What habits can you ditch this month to make room for good ones? Make a list and remind yourself daily.

2. The NIV UK audio Bible
Who knew that the secret to daily time in God’s word was finding a narrator with a fun accent? No joke, my Bible reading (well, listening) hasn’t been this consistent in years. I like to think that Jesus had a fun accent, too. You should probably go download the Bible Gateway app and check out this goodness for yourself.

I think I’ve said enough about myself, and I look forward to sharing another devotional soon. For now, bon voyage as you navigate the ever-stormy and most-majestic seas of life.

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