new year, new directions

I’ve been thinking lately about my little piece of the internet here at 8 oz. coffee. When I started blogging last year, I shared about ways I try to care for the earth in my everyday life. Green living is something I care deeply about, so it was easy to think up a short list of topics and start writing.

Still, I remembered my goal of pushing women’s blogging beyond the household, into that deep, meaningful space that addresses the soul rather than the state of one’s kitchen. I still wanted to do that — I just wasn’t sure how to make the transition.

And so here I am, using 2016 as my own personal segue into something new. I’ll still be writing about my attempts at zero waste and uncluttered living, and I’ll also be sharing my musings on faith and what it means to live as an empowered woman in a confusing world. To bring God into the conversation, I’ll be writing a lot of this in the form of a Christian devotional, which is ironic because I typically dislike devotionals (especially women’s devotionals, haha…more on that later). It’s all a grand experiment, but that’s the beauty of creation. You don’t know what’s inside you until you give yourself a blank page and permission to make mistakes.

Here we go. 😉

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