8 oz. coffee, an introduction

Land of bloggers, here I come.

— How did I get here, again?

Well, I suppose it started with several rants…about blogging. This is the part where I must mention that there are plenty of quality blogs out there. And then there are plenty of blogs that make me darn right angsty. That make me say NO, internet! I don’t just want parenting anecdotes, fashion tips, and DIY projects. I am a woman! I am more than that! You can keep your low-fat chili casserole, too!

But anyway… 

I’ve been wanting to write regularly for some time now, so I thought I might lend some diversity to the digital world. As much diversity as a middle class white girl can muster, at least. Because really–mom blogs and DIY sites aren’t the problem. The problem is that sites that push womanhood beyond this are considered “alternative” or “progressive.” It shouldn’t be so radical for a woman to care about issues outside her own household.

So, what am I up to then?

8 oz. coffee is a blog about a woman seeking to live the life she’s always wanted. A woman who can’t seem to finish more than 8 ounces of any warm beverage, but she’s okay with that.

I’ll be posting weekly updates on my exploits, keeping it short when possible. That’s the idea behind 8 oz. coffee–it’s just enough to savor and runs out before turning cold or stale. If you stick around, you’ll find topics including but not limited to:

environmentalism beyond recycling

perspectives on womanhood
things I like
attempts at zero-waste living
my silly husband

On another note, I don’t have any parenting anecdotes, though Taylor (the husband) and I will still be posting on blogwithfriends.tumblr.com. We act enough like kids, I figure it’s about the same thing.


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